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Monday, January 02, 2012

The Question

I come to the party late and alone. People have already been mingling in groups, some flitting from one cluster to the next. I make my way from the welcome booth at the entrance, to the table just outside the backyard, to the living room, then to the dining area and kitchen. At each area I stop and say hi to the people I know. And all of them ask me the same question:

“Where’s D?”

At first I answer, “He’s a callboy eh.” For those who get it immediately, that reply is sufficient. For those who display puzzled look on their faces, I explain further: “He’s working right now at the call center. You know, night shift.”

This is the MGGFF Christmas party, so there are people there who know me personally (and vice versa), and those who know me by online reputation. Even the latter ones ask me the question, or variations thereof:

“Where’s your BF?”

“Where’s your other half?”

“Is D not with you?”

After a while I get tired of giving my silly “call boy” answer, and just cut to the chase. But even that gets tiring pretty fast.

Then it dawns on me. They do not even bother to follow up their “Hi, Joel!” with, “How are you?” or “What’s up with you?” or “How was your Christmas?” or “Long time, no see!” Instead, why are they all looking for D? Is it a must for couples to come to parties together? Are we a packaged deal? And more importantly: AREN’T YOU GUYS EVEN HAPPY THAT I’M HERE?!

Whoever started this two-become-one thinking has got to be bonkers.


chink said...

kasalanan yan ng mga SPICE GIRLS, bonkers talaga sila, papayag ka bang ipangalang baby, ginger, posh, sporty at scary??? hahaha :-)

closet case said...

love this! the question is almost autonomic. polite pinoys are compelled to ask a person something perfunctorily. but we get tired of kamusta ka. so we jump on the next thing we know about the person: saan na yung partner mo?