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Friday, January 06, 2012

It’s More Pun In Da Philippines!

In honor of the Department of Tourism’s new international campaign, here is my proposed sub-campaign for it, with matching examples! The following are taken from the site Kapisanan Philippine Centre:

Beauty parlor in San Juan: “Cut & Face”
Wholesaler of balut in Batangas: “Starducks”
Fast food in Nueva Ecija: “Violybee”

Pampanga resto: “Mekeni Rogers”
Internet café: “Cafe Pindot”
Laundromat in Manila: “Summa Cum Laundry”
Laundromat in Sikatuna: “Star Wash: Attack of the Clothes”
Petshop in Kamuning: “Pakita Mo Pet Mo”
Bakery: “Bread Pit”
Bank in Alabang: “Alabank”
Boxing gym: “Blow Jab”
Tombstone maker in Antipolo: “Lito Lapida”
Copy center in Sikatuna Village: “Pakopya ni Edgar”
Beerhouse in Cavite: “Chickpoint”
Internet cafe in Taguig: “n@kopi@”
Kambingan: “Sa Goat Kita”
Salon: “Curl Up And Dye”
Lugawan in Bulacan: “Gee Congee”
Shoe repair shop in Marikina: “Dr. Shoe-Bago”
Shoe repair along Commonwealth: “SHOEPERMAN: we will HEEL you,
save your SOLE, and even DYE for you”
Petshop: “Petness First”
Flower shop: “Susan’s Roses”
Taxicab: “Income Taxi”
Car repair shop: “Bangga ka ‘day?”
Aquatic pet store in Malolos: “Fish Be With You”
Laundry shop: “Wash Your Problem”
Chicharon store: “Chicha Hut”
Neighborhood pizza store: “Pizza Hot”
Barbershop in Cagayan de Oro: “Pinoy Big Barber”
Salon: “Hair Dot Comb”


charles. said...

meron pong patahian - Francis Maglolona

mikel said...

haha. benta. this made my day. :)

Kiks said...

More Fun in the Philippines - such a mouthful.

But this post is fun.

Garpppy Garp said...

LOL! Talagang more PUN in the Pinas! Haha!