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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Demo Crazy

I’m assuming that the reason why we bothered to even vote and post opinions about the elections is because we believe in democracy. Part of living within a democracy is to accept the people’s vote.

So you say that the majority of the voters are illiterate. Or they are unable to discern. Or they are not issues-oriented, but personality-oriented. Yes, there are solutions—improve the educational system, make the economic gains trickle down to the masses, better access to information, etc.—but these take time. (And for all you know, perhaps there are those in the majority who are not stupid; instead, they are just making calculated risks based on the extent of their knowledge.)

Meanwhile there are elections to be won every so often. To win, the candidates and their camps should get real and figure out their “win-ability” with the masses. And when it comes to win-ability, there are so many factors to consider that each candidate has a unique chance and a unique set of circumstances surrounding him. That’s why a Nancy Binay is in the top 5 but Jack Enrile isn’t. That’s why a Grace Poe is suddenly the frontrunner when no survey ever had her at number 1.

And we will always have to live with certain winning candidates whom we don’t particularly like.

Viva demokrasya.

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