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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Photo Graphic Evidence

I’m fascinated by this whole Marjorie Barretto photo scandal. What I find interesting is that her lawyers advised her to bite the bullet and confirm that those were her photos. By admitting that she was the one in the photo, the lawyers were able to go after the online sites that published the photos and forced them to take down the photos. Furthermore, she allowed her lawyers to now speak for her. She has since kept silent about the issue. (At least, that’s as far as I can tell given a cursory Google.)

So far it looks like a smart move. Her lawyers have been very thorough in going after those who posted the pictures; in effect, it’s difficult to find the photos online now. And although she admitted to posing for the pictures, her silence on the issue prevents her from further self-damage. Her silence has also effectively kept people from further gnawing at the issue like vultures.

In fact, people may now be thinking, “What if those photos were really for private consumption only? What’s wrong with having some naughty poses anyway, if they are intended only for her loved one?” In this day and age of photo selfies, that doesn’t seem unreasonable at all. Since the photos of her in flagrante delicto are nowhere to be found online, her offense now doesn’t sound too crass, compared to other celebrity sex scandals. And silence is often seen as a class act; her poses may not be classy, but her handling of the scandal is.

Out of sight and out of sound, out of mind. (That is, until someone from her family resurrects it in a future word-war.)


rudeboy said...

Less talk, less mistakes.

citybuoy said...

Not sure who said this but I completely agree: sometimes the barrettos put the kardashians to shame. haha