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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Seb Castro Is Pretty FLY For A Gay Guy

It is possible to enjoy sex and avoid HIV and other STDs. How? Watch. :)


Mac Callister said...

I love it!

Cute ni sebastian and very informative nun video. nakakatawa :-)

citybuoy said...

I saw this video and medyo nadisillusion ako kay kuya. Or maybe I was just expecting him to do his bubble dance. lolz

joelmcvie said...

@CITYBUOY: In what way were you disillusioned? I'm curious what your expectations were of him or of the video. :)

citybuoy said...

I guess from the interviews kasi, he seemed like he was smart and could think on his own. Maybe it was how he was reading his lines.. very hamon-ish.

Teka, iilag lang ako. Baka may mga sebsters ditey. haha

joelmcvie said...

@CITYBUOY: Hahaha! Don't worry, I'll defend your right to express your opinion on Seb's performance. :)