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Monday, May 13, 2013

“Nancy Binay Ay Naibotooooooo…!”

During Holy Week old folks sing the pasyon, and I’d often hear them going, “Nang si Kristoooooooo…!” which sounds more like, “Nancy Kristoooooooooo…!” Meanwhile the early tallies show that Nancy Binay will surely be in the top 12 while Risa Hontiveros may not make it.

Let the wailing and gnashing begin.

In the Twitterverse, Joey Javier Reyes tweets, “93% of the voting population of the Philippines is made up of D1, D2 & E sectors. Only 7% come from A, B & C classes. THINK ABOUT THIS.” I don’t know how accurate his facts are, but I do believe that the majority of the voters are of the D&E sector. They’re the ones who aren’t online. They’re the ones who don’t have the time to pour through facts and figures, who aren’t impressed with big words and long-term vision. They are poor, they are uneducated, and yet they have the power to vote a Lito Lapid and (now) a Nancy Binay into the Senate.

Really folks, kagulat-gulat ba ang nangyayari ngayon? No amount of Facebook memes and witty tweets affected the Binay machinery. The closest thing to a wrench in that juggernaut was Vice Ganda’s press conference comments against her, but it was still too little, too late.

The voting majority may not know what’s best for the country. At best they only know the ones who seem to know what’s best for the country. They’re the ones with name recall, or who have a winsome smile, or who are popular. They are the ones who mouth promises of progress.

Let’s get real, folks. Voter education and change will take generations. And until economic gains are truly felt by the D&E, such that they now move up the socio-economic ladder and start forming middle class sentiments, then we should be prepared for the Nancy Binays of this world to be able to use the system to their advantage.

So what can we do? Be vigilant watchdogs of our government. And maybe give Nancy a chance to prove all of us wrong.


citybuoy said...

God, I hope she proves all of us wrong.

Although something tells me all that negative press may have worked in her favor. If you look at the bottom contenders (ooh) they're the ones we never ever hear about but the ones with memes (poe and binay) seem to be doing well.

Raymond said...

It's just so sad. Democracy isn't really for the Philippines.