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Monday, February 18, 2008

Fabcast with Danton Remoto

Actually this Fabcast was recorded several weeks ago, but I waited for Migs to put it up on the MGG site before I posted it here in The McVie Show.

AJ, Migs, Tony and I interviewed Danton Remoto. It was an interesting free-wheeling discussion that touched on the anti-discrimination bill, Ang Ladlad, practicing lesbians and Inday Garutay’s pink peso. (And in part one, when Danton was talking about closeted gay guys caught by the police, you can hear the heavy downpour in the background.)

Here’s PART ONE:

Here’s PART TWO, where you hear about Tony’s macho-dancing, Danton’s embarrassing fall in a dance bar, and gay labels:


Anonymous said...

ispesyal mention ba ang macho dancing reference!?! lol :P

palma tayona said...

another entertaining and highly informative podcast. all i can say again is... bravo! :-)