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Saturday, February 02, 2008

I’ve Been Tagged!

“Wha’? You talkin’ to me?”

At first I thought an existing photo of me squinting (thanks to the sun) would suffice. But upon review, I realized my brow was too relaxed to be angry.

I was tagged by Mark Xander Fabillar aka The Vegan Prince aka Hari Ng Negros 2006 to this photo-tag: The Face of Anger. At first it was a daunting task—where can I find a photo of me in an angry state that was actually caught on camera? First of all, while I do get angry I’ve learned not to show it so blatantly. Second, through the years I’ve developed several anti-anger mental gates that switch on even before my emotions reach “angry” levels (humor is often my first line of defense). And third, I rarely have my picture taken! In the family I’m the official photographer, so in most of our family pictures I’m not there. And if I were there, what reason would I have to be angry during the picture taking?

So to fulfill Mark’s tag, I had to shoot myself. (On the foot! No, on the head!) And while I have acted before I realized it was very difficult for me to get myself worked up in front of a camera. Why? Because I had no reason to be angry. I tried to think of things that made me angry in the past; most involved stupid and inconsiderate drivers (“Oh Anger! Thy name is Road Rage.”) It took me several takes to get one which I thought showed anger. Where did I see it? It’s in the eyes.

“My brother is not a peeg!” (Yes, this is my Ate Guy—just when the drugs kick in—moment.)


Josh of Arabia said...

hey bro..nkklibang talaga iyong tag na yon ni mark.:) nice to see a fellow marikeno blogger..:)


cant_u_read said...

ang haba na ng hur mo, friend!

and the stubble -- i like.


Nelson said...

yezzzz love your hair and your stubbles! Eto yata mga una kong napansin instead of your angry look.

Sorry talaga, Joel, this does not strike me as an angry photo (it actually made me giggle -- sorry talaga!!!). Maybe it was the gritted teeth? Or the very expressive brows?

joelmcvie said...

@NELZ: Told ya I'm not good at channeling "anger", hehehe. =)

closet case said...

natutuwa ako sa iyo, kapatid...wala akong naaninag na galit... hehehe