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Monday, February 18, 2008

Good Morning!

Monday, 18 February 2008, 10:07am, at the office. As I approached an open door, I saw my two AEs, Sandy and Flow, talking animatedly. Apparently someone had a great weekend, I thought. Sandy saw me and said, “Oh, here’s Joel—come here, come here!”

As I entered the room Flow turned to me and asked: “So what are you, top or bottom?”


I’m a guy who’s rarely unflappable. In fact, it’s often my passengers who yell and scream at some close call while I coolly, silently maneuver the car away from danger. But at 10am on a Monday morning, a question like that can throw me off the loop.

“And good morning to you too, Flow,” I replied, chuckling.

“So what are you?” she insisted. “We want to hook you up with this guy, so we wanna know.”


“So are you top or bottom?” Flow repeated.

I decided to play safe. “I’ve done both, though I prefer top.”

Both girls’ eyes lit up. “Perfect!” Sandy said. “The guy we want you to date, he’s a bottom!”

This was getting too much for me on a Monday morning. “Girls, ewan ko sa inyo, ha,” I said, with matching eye-roll. “I’m gonna go and brush my teeth.”

And with that I left.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha and what a good morning indeed!

Though it sometimes irks me when straight friends try to hook me up with another gay man who they just recently met just because he is gay. Oh well. I know they mean well, as they say its the thought that counts. :P

cant_u_read said...

such sweet friends you have, joel! :-)

why can't my girl friends be like that?

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Hay naku. Panalo sila ng Super TAMABANGASALYAN award for 2008.

I hate it when people ask me if I am a top or a bottom. Not that there is anything wrong with being either one but it's such an invasion of a personal act.

I personally never reveal that I am a bottom...

...ay. (;-D)

palma tayona said...

i agree with marcus. it is a personal invasion of one's privacy to be asked on a monday morning (even by well-meaning friends - God bless their kind souls) if one is a plug or a socket. certain things are best left as it is, a private affair.

there should be a rulebook on how to set up a gay person on a blind date for straight people, or vice-versa. heck! there should be a general rulebook setting up your friends on a blind date. period.

(p.s. i am too much of a proud plug.)

joelmcvie said...

@PALMA TAYONA: Actually I was more bothered with the fact that they were setting me up with someone rather than them asking me if I was top or bottom, hahaha! Although medyo nadiyahe nga ako for this straight guy who was also in the same room and could hear our conversation. I was embarrassed for him, LOL.

Plug or socket? Eh paano naman yung mga AC o alternating current? =)