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Monday, November 17, 2008

Death Becomes Her

Our latest Fabcast is an interview with our special guest, writer-director-producer Chris Martinez. Because I already talked about his triumphant indie film 100 here, I will instead talk about some behind-the-scenes moments during the recording.

We recorded at the second floor of Bo’s Café along Katipunan Avenue (in front of Miriam College). After mentioning that the film won the Audience’s Choice Award in Pusan Film Festival in Korea, we were making flippant jokes about the Korean audience when Gibbs pointed out that there were two Korean students at the table across ours, still within hearing distance. Good thing they were too busy talking to each other—they’re the noisy ones talking in the background throughout most of the podcast—that they did not hear us.

We recorded more than an hour’s worth of chitchat, but afterwards Chris requested that the Fabcast focus more on the film rather than his other works. That made it easier for me to keep the final material within a manageable length.

At first I had several songs already lined up as interjections throughout the podcast, but when I heard “Love Montage” from the Dying Young soundtrack, I ditched the songs. Final credits: “Zaturnnah Transformation Music” by Vincent de Jesus, “Love Montage from Dying Young OST” by James Newton Howard, and a recorded recital of the poem “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas (from the album A Century of Recorded Poetry).

So now here’s our latest Fabcast. There are two ways to listen to it.

[1] Listen to it here on the embedded media player:

[2] Or click on “The McVie Show In Stereo!” link on the left side.

Missed it during Cinemalaya? Or want to watch it again? Now you can watch 100 in SM and Glorietta cinemas starting December 3 (distributed by Star Cinema). Don’t miss this funny and touching film. Go watch and see why people have been raving about this film.

Cinemalaya 2008’s Best Actress Mylene Dizon, Best Supporting Actress Eugene Domingo, and Best Director Chris Martinez, holding their trophies.


Kai Santorino said...

WOW~! I'm happy that someone took notice. I LOVE this film.

joaqui_miguel said...

I watched this when it was shown in UP.

Will watch this one again... for sure! :)

This is definitely one of my favorite movies!