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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Have Some Kimchi

Sometimes when you watch something on YouTube, you end up asking questions.

What for?
Was it “tots my bad-eh” or “torch my body”?
Was he breastfed by his mom when he was a baby?
And finally: Did he actually sing, “Tots my body, don’t you love my cock”?

I was never really a fan of the song, but I actually watched this video until the end. It’s his falsetto that’s a killer.


dyakks said...


bonggang bongga super bongga!


Emotionally Sloppy said...

yep its definitely "Dont you love my cock". I couldnt tell whether it was tots or torch although Id prefer torch my body =D
Watched till the end too! couldnt get myself to stop when I was enjoying his version. I think im gonna see this again. It has that addicting factor. =)

E said...

sa sobrang pag rolyo ng mata ko hindi na makabalik sa normal ang mata ko.....

naka-seb mo yan no? joke! hehehehehe PEACE!!

Ming Meows said...

hahaha. pero mas magaling pa yata si patani. lolz!

Tristan Tan said...

sumakit ang ulo ko.. kelangan ko ng gamot. oh my... why?!?

ruby said...

I deal with Koreans on a daily basis so I can understand well what he's saying pero it doesn't make this vid less funny... :)

but the #1 "mariah" video for me is Ken Lii -

PS: not too sure if I was able to submit my comment earlier... *head desk*

joelmcvie said...

@EMOTIONALLY SLOPPY: And to think that the true lyrics in "don't you love my cock" is actually "know you like my curves".

@E: Di ko type ang waif, hehehe. =)

@RUBY: Ibang level si Ken Lii. =)

joaqui_miguel said...

This made me smile today. Thanks.

palma tayona said...

hmmm... huwag na huwag siyang kakanta sa mga videoke bars dito sa pasay at baka hindi siya lumabas nang buhay.

r-yo said...

bweheheh. talagang di nakapagpigil na gawin ang choreo. :-)

Nic said...

Did he just say "Touch my pare"?