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Saturday, December 20, 2008

For Me, Three’s The Charm

I actually like the new Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. I find it stupid that the place was mothballed for several months (or was it years?) due to controversy. Our government officials sure could use a lesson from Tim Gunn: “Make it work.”

Anyway, I like the spacious and spare design. Okay, so the lack of stuff seems to be more a function of budgetary constraints and not because of design aesthetics. Whatever. I prefer spare and sleek over the over-crowded, grimy look of the old NAIA 1. The old one seems like an old-style jeepney, chockfull of things and shops and stalls and signs—a cluttered mess that suffers from horror vacui. I like how NAIA 3 is all-business, no effort spent in prettifying the place. It acknowledges that all of you are just waiting before moving to another place. (At least the chairs are fairly comfortable enough—and plenty!)

There is a need for more concessionaires, especially to service the passengers in the more far-flung gates. But over-all I enjoyed going through NAIA 3. I look forward to going through the arrival experience when we fly back to Manila next year.


Anonymous said...

try six years. yes, it was suppose to open in 2002 to replace the old and horrible terminal 1. as always, as with any projects in pinas it was and is bugged down with corruption, kick-backs, poor materials and worksmaship, in-fighting (as to who gets the bigger share of free money)and just plain ineptitude. shame, shame, shame to all involved. oh, i forget, they have no shame.

ash said...

i couldn't agree more :)

ruby said...

I like NAIA 3! Hopefully, some of the airlines will transfer from T1 to T3. :D

hope you have a good holiday! :)