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Thursday, February 26, 2009

SMS Exchange

A friend who will remain anonymous (dude, I’m keeping silent about your identity, so please do not comment or react in a way that will give yourself away!) SMS’d me out of the blue:

Him: This is one of those times I hate having to say “We’d be better off as friends” and the guy I said that to cried. Damn, it leaves a bitter taste on the tongue

Me: A bitter-tasting tongue is still much better than a broken-down heart. But that’s just me, often on the receiving end. ☺ Peace!

Him: I hate the feeling of guilt more than the thought that I’m not enough. At least when I’m rejected I can have pride to prop me up. Guilt is always distasteful. Good night.

Me: Oh, he’ll get over it. Besides, better break his heart now than lead him on further, making it worse. And guilt can be shoved off by pride too.Good night!

I have this mantra which, when I first mentioned it to Leigh, she laughed her ass off: A little hope is a dangerous thing.


migs, the manila gay guy said...

Ako ba ito McVie?

Sheeeet! Give away! CHAR LANG!

joelmcvie said...

@MIGS: Teh, whoever it is that you think you're thinking, it's not him! Hahahaha.

Mugen said...

I will keep that in mind. Thanks!!

ONAI said...

this post just scared me OH EM GEE