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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Random Thoughts Of A Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Nobody paid much attention to Typhoon Ondoy. In fact, it was pooh-poohed as a minor typhoon. Nobody prepared for it. Look at the havoc it wreaked.

Parma was touted as a super typhoon, class 5. People panicked, closed shops and offices earlier than usual. Traffic going out of Makati and along EDSA slowed to a trickle. Groceries and supermarkets ran out of stocks. Everyone hunkered down for the worst. And look at how it steered clear of Manila.

If people keep noticing each and every typhoon coming our way, maybe they’ll get really conscious and swerve to avoid us.

* * * * *

Where have all the janitor fish gone? A couple of years ago they were subject to a short-lived media scrutiny because those fish weren’t endemic to the Marikina River, yet they managed to overrun the place. Vicious and aggressive, the janitor fish managed to multiply faster and kill off other kinds of fish in the area. They taste awful, so they’ve evaded being fished and dished.

The floodwaters of Ondoy surely must have washed them all downstream, but to where? Are they now in Pasig? Or are they swimming in the Manila Bay? If so, will they end up killing other fishes in the area? Er, what other fishes?

* * * * *

It’s time I steer clear of people who are vexations to my spirit.

* * * * *

Dear Tweeple I follow on Twitter: Honestly guys, I really don’t care what your horoscope says.


Tristan Tan said...

May regla ka mare?

joelmcvie said...

@TRISTAN: Ewan ko ba. Post-traumatic stress disorder nga yata ito eh.