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Friday, October 30, 2009

Because Many Endings Are Happening Right Now

Most romantics bristle whenever I say that I don’t believe in a love that lasts forever. In fact, even the Catholic Church doesn’t; marriage vows are covered only until “death do us part.”

Everything comes to an end. Even the universe has an end date. God Himself deemed us unworthy of immortality as human beings. (As for the promise of eternal life after Judgment Day, I’ll leave it to the theologists to discuss.)

I think their resistance comes from their fervent wish for a good thing—like love—to never end. But what’s good about endings is that even bad things come to an end. And we appreciate the good things even more when contrasted with the bad.

So let us celebrate the fleeting, the temporary and the finite; after all, we are all of that. Let us embrace the gift of the Now. And let us appreciate the love we get, temporary as they all are, for they are what makes life—fleeting, though it may—worth living.

As for the hopeless romantics who have loved ones right now, abandon all hope that your love will last forever! Instead, be happy for the relationship you have now, that will end eventually. (And even if you say that your feelings will continue long after the relationship ends, all I can say is, those feelings will end the moment you die.)

And learn to appreciate the power of goodbye, of letting go.


Anonymous said...

hmmm... is it just me or parang may nalalasahan akong pait sa post na ito? hahaha *peace*

rudeboy said...

I totally agree, McVie.

Only diamonds are forever, forever, and eeeeverrrr...AND EVERRRRRR!!!

bampiraako said...

Nice one.

I really need to learn how to cope with heartache and say bye.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your post. I guess, I have to let go lalo na kung nagmumukha na akong tanga sa paghihintay ng mga bagay na hindi na darating.

xtian1978ii said...

tama ka diyan Mcvie

I'm in a relatioship now for almost 5 years. very much happy, that's why I cherish everyday like it will be the last in order for me to appreciate if may bukas pa

if it ends, at least there'll be no regrets because I give what I can

Yj said...

to echo rudeboy...

only diamonds last forever... that and my beauty hihiihihi


the geek said...


MkSurf8 said...

straight from the sage's mouth. i like! =)

Thad said...

I remember a line from Benjamin Button- "We are meant to lose the ones we love. How else will we know how important they are to us?"

but also:

When Benjamin lamented how brief their time together as lovers, his lady love holds his hand and says,
"Some things last."

And that's true :-) Ultimately it depends on the individual if he wants to still treasure that certain love. My mom is not with us anymore, but I love her just the same. Even her death never tarnished that love.

Then again, some romantic love are meant to end sometime...

citybuoy said...

very well said! :D

while it's romantic to think that love lasts forever, i also find it a little naive. i don't think man is capable of unconditional love anyway so to fathom infinite love is just plain silly.

ang pait!