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Monday, November 02, 2009

The Purple People Eater

My theater friends and I have always had this question that no one seems to know the answer: What the hell is Grimace of McDonald’s?! We even asked crew members from McD Katips, and all we got are shrugs. One day Marisse excitedly told us that she asked a store manager what Grimace was, and the reply was that Grimace is a mangosteen, because before McD used to serve mangosteen shake. Oh, so no wonder it’s ube-colored.

Jump-cut to several years later, with the boom of the Internet, Google and Wikipedia. One day Harry messaged us all on Facebook, saying: “FYI, according to Wikipedia, Grimace is an anthropomorphic purple taste bud.”


The reactions of the others were swift. Everyone was joking about it. No one thought seriously about it.

Until now.

This morning I realized, wait a minute! That can’t be right. Assuming that indeed Grimace is a personification of a taste bud, why was he given a negative-sounding name? Why Grimace? It implies that someone ate something anthropomorphically bad.

They should have named him “Yummy” instead. Or for a gayer sounding name, “Ngyarapae!”

Your creative suggestions are most welcome.


i am beki said...

si grimace ay isang purple na basahan.

meron pa syang ka-tandem dati ... yung mga parang maliliit na cotton dusters ...


Ming Meows said...

grimace tapos happy meal. what an irony.

<*period*>; said...

tama po si i am beki, mayruon nga yang kapartner na parang pompom na ewan.

E said...

Akala ko UBE si grimace

odin hood said...

si grimace ay kamote. at kaya niya siguro palagi kasama ung fry guys (yung parang pompoms) hehe

citybuoy said...

someone once explained the whole grimace concept to me. yeah, he is a tastebud. mascot kasi siya ng milkshakes and ice cream. di lang kasing literal ni twirlie. supposedly, you grimace when it's really really cold. kaya rin siguro naging purple yung tastebud mo.

could be wrong but it's the answer i always recall when people ask.

kung magpapaka-monggie ako, here's my theory: ube siya na minicrowave at dahil sira yung microwave, nag mutate siya.