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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From Valley Girl To CBD Gurl

It’s been almost a month now, and so far I’m enjoying the noticeable decrease in stress levels due to driving and looking for parking. But more than that, this is the first time I’ve lived independently from my family. No maids, no one to pick up stuff after you. Sure, I have a housemate who has her own maid, but I try as much as possible never to impose.

My friends were pushing me to live on my own, as this will help me build character and be more independent. So what have I realized about myself?

1. I can be very neat, especially if I’m the one who has to clean up after me. My room in Marikina is like one huge bodega that no one bothered to put in order. But here I even fix the bed before leaving for work. I hate going home to see my bed in disarray.

2. I don’t need a night lamp when going to sleep. In Marikina I also don’t have a night lamp, but situated just outside my window is the night light for our backyard (years ago a robber went through our backyard in an attempt to get away). So every night that light is switched on, bathing my room with a soft glow.

3. I was never a pillow hog before. In fact, I can sleep without using a pillow. But now I love having two pillows, one to rest my head on and one to hug.

4. Having the pugs around relaxes me. I especially like how Bruce insists that I scratch his back.

5. It is true: the closer you live to the office, the more likely you’ll be late. I was embarrassingly late for the first few days.

6. Having a female housemate (who’s single now and isn’t dating) is a great chastity belt. My bed is sooo virginal.

7. Salcedo Village on a Sunday is so relaxing. There are still people around, but reduced to almost a fifth of the usual; one of the loneliest sights for me is a city or a school that’s empty of people. And almost everyone is on chill-out mode.


rudeboy said...

I was hearing Carrie Bradshaw in my head while reading your post.

I wonder why.

VW: jouse

Podi Alejandro said...

Salcedo is a nice and easy place to get lost in at a Sunday night. It has that post-apocalyptic vibe that gets under your skin -- scary and humbling and meditative all at the same time. Glad you're settling in quite nicely in our side of the woods.

Ming Meows said...

at least pareho kayong NBSB ni girl..(pareho nga ba?)

MrCens said...

1. I can be very neat... wooohh... sa umpisa lang yan, heheh!

Mike said...

Nice to walk around the area on Sunday mornings then. Glad you finally found a new home.

I'm planning for my big move too early next year.

*I like the ashtray. =)

citybuoy said...

i totally get the carrie bradshaw angle. haha

i love salcedo. it's nice to walk around lalo pag gabi. it's a little sad pag wala masyadong tao like on a sunday nga but i still like it. haha plus the park is really really nice. i call it the oasis. :D

Rainbow Runner said...

wow! salcedo village is my dream home community. goodluck there mcvie! :-)