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Monday, November 09, 2009

Give Me Some Space!

I immediately fell in love with the flat I’m currently staying in, even though it comes with a price tag way above my original budget. The pictures my housemate sent me did not do justice. But when I visited the place, I immediately said, “Let’s get it!”

It’s not just because we both have our own bedrooms with bathroom. It’s not just because there’s a big-ass kitchen and a maid’s quarters (with her own bathroom too). It’s because there’s a balcony that gives us open space and fresh (okay, relatively) air, plus an unencumbered view of Makati Sports. It’s because there’s parking for Orlando on basement one. It’s because the common area is bare and minimalist, not originally by design but by lack of furniture to fill it up with. But afterwards my housemate and I realized that we should keep things simple. In the end, what we were paying for was a commodity most new condos do not have: SPACE.

So welcome to the final frontier that we found in the middle of Makati:

Here’s the common area, with a most common table. Notice we only have two chairs? We’re not hospitable much, at least in this area. The table is so very North Park, with the steel surface. Left door, housemate’s. Right door, mine.

Reverse angle. Left door, my room. Then the brightly lit area is the way into the kitchen. Middle is the main door. Lamp is housemate's.

Actually we do have a sala set that’s, uhm, rattan. And tossed in for free by the owner. So now we looove rattan. Behind it is the balcony. Taken after Typhoon Santi, thus the iron chair lying down on the floor.

The view of the tennis courts. No cute ball boys, so far.

Meet Bruce the doorstop (above) and Max the enthusiastic, my housemate’s babies. She insists they’re both gay. Bruce loves how I scratch him, and now follows me around the flat. Love these pugs of hers.


bleubug said...

Cute pugs. I think my two pugs are gay as well. They have a relationship that mirrors a nice old couple who have been together their entire life, which they have been. Pugs display such human characteristics at times.

MkSurf8 said...

luv your place. ;-) pwede ako tumambling, cartwheel at split! =)

migs, the manila gay guy said...


citybuoy said...

love the new place!!! ang daming space which is rare for makati.

good luck with your new home!

xtian1978ii said...

ganda nga. I might look for my own para maka move out na sa pad namin

Thad said...

Beautiful place :-)

Ming Meows said...

nice sya. pangfamily ang dating

Ronnie said...

Oh my what a posh place! The pugs is so adorable! XD