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Monday, November 23, 2009

Scenes From Subic

Corporate Closet took the Mazda MX5 for a test drive. He chose to drive the yellow one, even though it wasn’t the kind of yellow he wanted. He’s this close to really buying one. If he does, his moving on would be complete. Bwhahaha! (evil laftir)

The Macallan. Single malt scotch whiskey. 12 years old. It was really f**king great sh*t. My current officemates saw me for the first time in my “dance party Energizer bunny” mode during the first night chill-out party hosted by us. The Macallan (and several shots of tequila) fueled my dance-cardio routine that continued way after the others stopped dancing. Afterwards P, our resident tri-athlete, turned to me and exclaimed: “You should join a triathlon!”

The next night I was again in my “dance party Energizer bunny” mode for the Marlboro Party (so far most people have said that it was the best of all the parties during the Ad Congress). And they spared no expense for it: gigantic LED screens spanning the length of the stage, world-class DJs, Rico Blanco on guitars, live singers, costumed dancers, fireworks, balloons. And the most important element to a successful party? Free-flowing booze, from beer to vodka to whiskey and back! I ended up dancing onstage in front of the DJ’s booth. Hey, it was a Friday evening; I had to make up for my absence in Bed!

Whatsup! Whatsup! “Bugnaw” is Bisaya for “cold” (why there’s Bisaya in Subic is anybody’s guess). No wonder the sodas were also in Bisaya.

Where else can you find a pine tree co-existing with a coconut tree?

To attract the crowds to our booth, we showed the pilot episode of Glee and the Pacquiao-Cotto fight. We attracted maybe two Gleeks. But when we played the fight, there was sudden queue of people wanting to get freebies at our booth.

Chilling out at the beach front with Corporate Closet. If you look closely, you could see our reflection on CC’s shades.

* * * * *

We were in Subic for five days, but by the third night we felt like we were there for a week. I wonder how the Congress would have fared had it pushed through in Baguio.

And no, I didn’t get lucky at this Congress, unlike the last one and the one before—but let’s not get into that.

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Ming Meows said...

Mas bisaya sa subic?

Haayyy, nabuking ko tuloy si CC! Joke!