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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Out of the blue I get an SMS from my good friend Katski, she the writer-director of the indie film Still Life and one of the guiding forces behind the uber-super-duper-mega-ng-over hit indi movie Kimmy Dora. She needed talents to act gratis for a project she’s directing. What for? I asked. “It’s for a client, some kinda sales AVP,” she replied offhandedly. What will I play? I asked. “Either a salesman or a customer,” she texted.

Well why not, chocnut? For years I’ve always been behind the camera, in shoots for commercials and for TV shows. Never had I wandered in front of the camera, even as extra for crowd scenes. At least now I get to experience what it’s like to do a take over and over again.

So off I went to the location, a car showroom along Quezon Avenue. When I got there I was handed the script, and was told I’d play the customer. Changed into wardrobe (provided by yours truly, of course) and sat down for make-up (feeling ta-artits). I met my co-actors in the scene, the guy playing the salesman and the guy playing the security guard. While waiting I also saw this girl, very Japanese-looking and quite familiar though I couldn’t place where I saw her.

I was handed the script and was told to read through and line-throw with my co-actors. I glanced at the top of the page: “by Raymond Lee”. I nearly fell of my seat. I glanced at the Japanese girl again. OMG, it’s Michiko Yamamoto, award-winning writer of Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Olivero! She was there as producer.

And so, even if it’s just a mere sales AVP that will be seen by just an exclusive few, I can now proudly say that on my first oncam acting job I was speaking the lines of an award-winning writer, in a project produced and directed by a star-studded, award-winning team.

Bwhahaha. One takes one’s kicks wherever one can.


Tristan Tan said...

OMG you're a star! :)

MrCens said...

"even if it’s just a mere sales AVP that will be seen by just an exclusive few," huh! excited pa naman ako...

wala bang chance na mapanood namin?

a fan from dubai

Anonimus said...

I-post mo sa YouTube yang AVP na yan ha... 'noodin ko talaga yan...

anteros' dominion said...

ang husay naman.


bilib ako kay michiko yamamoto


clap for you!

clap for michiko yamamoto!

clap for raymond lee!

artista ka na 'day ... awtograp ha!

live it! love it! kembot it!

citybuoy said...

astig!! patingin!

Mac Callister said...

wow!thats great!

aabangan ko to!

congrats artista ka na sir!

xtian1978ii said...

star in a making hehe

Jay Quiambao said...

pwede pa awtograp? sa c**k? haha