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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Comeback Queen (Amidala)

The year: 2005.

I had been blogging for about a year now. There were a fair number of gay bloggers around, but the blogging world was different back then. Four years is a millennium in blog time.

And from the emerging blogsphere, a brilliant, supernova-pink blog appeared.

Presenting: Third Sex In The City

Writing in fabulous Fagalish (fag + Tagalog + English), Badinggerzie aka Bernadette blazed into the scene like no other. One didn’t need a dictionary to read him; one had to read it out loud to get what he was saying. And yet, his use of a different “language” didn’t exclude readers from his blog, even the closeted and the pa-straight ones who, prior to his blog, had no idea what witchelles, shofatid and jumupostrax meant. What was even more amazing was the way Badinggerzie’s writing was so infectious, it leapfrogged into the straight world and became virals.

In fact, his very first entry evuuur was cut-and-pasted and passed on as an email. This made the rounds in several offices, and even straight people were passing it on. “1 Gay + 1 Gay = 2 Gays” tells the story of Bernadette having a close (and closeted) gay encounter with his shofatid. With the way he writes it, he manages to effortlessly introduce the readers into his writing style while propelling the narrative.

It’s already a feat to have a blog entry become a viral, but Bernadette strikes again! This time he does it by giving a very pink version of “Star Wars”.

He wrote about his love life, his work, the vacations he took, etc. He changed his blog layout several times, and he also started an audio version of his blog (podcasts of him reading selected blog entries). But alas his output slowed down, and by early 2007 he stopped.

Talk about a very looooong blog hiatus.

Now, Bernadette is back-la! Set your pink phasers to “stun” because Badinggerzie returns!

O ayan, Berns. You can now say, “No, I don’t feel aeny preyshyure. Rayt. Naw.” Welcome back to the blogsphere, kapatid.


E said...

wat does jumupostrax means?

joelmcvie said...

@E: Jumupostrax = umupo

The Bakla Review said...

nice tribute. *toast*

citybuoy said...

wow! riot sya. i read the posts that you linked. ang galing! haha i was reading it under my breath para walang makarinig pero by the time na nireveal si nick, tawa na ako ng tawa. hahaha

thanks for sharing!

Aris said...

huwaw, he's back! luv him. :)

Rygel said...

i think siya yung reason na nag start ako blogging. na feature aya kasi yung blog sya sa isang magazine ata yun... forgot na. yup i remember the post where he met his bro hehehe...

gagawa rin sana ako ng post tribute sa kanya kaso nacopy ko na nga yung windchime mo hehehe

joelmcvie said...

@RYGEL: Just GOW and write your own tribute about Badinggerzie. From your perspective naman yun eh, so bongga lang.

Anufaflu ang jinijintay mo?! Sulatcha fierce ka na chever. =)


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