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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gimme, Gimme Moral!

I remember watching an “I am not immoral” video on YouTube last year. It turned out to be a call for people to join in protesting the Comelec’s decision to ban Ang Ladlad from running on the grounds of “immorality.” I found out about it through my friend K because he was in it.

Last Saturday, I finally met the producer who spearheaded the campaign, Jethro Patalinghug. And I promised him that I would help spread the campaign through my blog. So several months later, here is the actual campaign:

While watching the second video and listening to the different gays and lesbians saying, “I am not immoral,” I realized that something inside me was stirring, a hesitation building up. And I realize it’s because I simply have not really, thoroughly thought about it.

So far what’s iffy for me is this: if morality is indeed subjective, and is determined by the larger society of which we belong to, who’s to say that what is deemed moral now may be considered immoral decades later? That the acts considered immoral today are actually necessary so as to push the boundaries of our thinking.

And if morality is subjective, why is it being used as a justification for something legal? Then isn’t it illegal to use morality as a legal basis?

If so, then my battle cry would be: “F**k, so what if I’m immoral?! I’m not illegal! F**k off!” Ahahaha!

(Hay, sumakit ang ulo ko. Pramis.)


rudeboy said...

"I like fried chicken, and I'm immoral."

Wait, that's not what I wanted to say.

Srsly, I liked the second vid better. Having everyone say their names and what they do made them more..."human." Someone a straight person might actually know. Someone a bigot might actually recognize as a fellow human being.

Unlike the first vid which, to me, came off as "thou doth protest too much." If it was meant to speak to a misinformed or even hostile straight audience, I would say it would even strengthen their bias, instead of opening them to the possibility of dialogue.

Also, I would bang Jonas Bagas until I dislocate my hips. Jussayin'

Theo Martin said...

Tama itong pagpapakatotoo mo. :)we haven't really thought about it, and we were brought up to think that it is immoral.

joelmcvie said...

@RUDEBOY: Dude, you're sooo NOT alone in wanting to... hold on, let me use your words, "bang Jonas Bagas until I dislocate my hips". I know of, uhm, hookay let's not name names or count numbers, but quite a few who share your exact sentiment.

Oh and by the way, Jonas reads my blog. Jussayin'. AHAHAHA!

jamie da vinci! said...

the comelec should do some MAJOR soul searching for allowing a plunderer run for president again. what a bunch of retards. so when did a convicted thief become more "moral"?


rudeboy said...

"Oh and by the way, Jonas reads my blog. Jussayin'."

Oh, McVie, now you just made me cream in my boxers.

~Carrie~ said...

I applaud you for the last statement, McVie. Sumakit ang panga ko sa kaka-BJ, este, katatawa. :-D

Anonymous said...

first, it is usually misconstrued that morality in law and politics refers to a conservative groups of canons and laws (i.e. church)

When in fact morality in the government and the law pertains to SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE NORMS that maintain these structure we call society (i.e. we can't just kill anyone we like)

Thus, even if it seems contradicting, the law is based on morality to preserve the society. Otherwise we would in an ANOMIE or lawlessness which makes us uncivlised.

joelmcvie said...

@MISTERPEDAGOG: Alam mo, masyado kang serioso. Kaya ka di tumatagal sa gray area, eh.

(pause for effect)


Dude, let me slap you in the face with your own mantra: "CHILL!" =)

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL totoo naman. I'm geeky boring that way. So slap me more!


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