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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was going to meet my friends for after-dinner drinks at around 9:30pm last night. It was already close to 10pm when I stepped out of my room to leave (the bar was just a minute away from my place). My housemate T was in the living room, eyeing our furniture intently. “Mars,” she asked (“mars” is short for “mare” which is short for “kumare”), still looking at the furniture, “what if we put the dinning-slash-work-table nearer the windows?”

It made sense. Almost 80% of our waking time in the house is spent at that dining-slash-work table. It was stationed in the middle of the condo area, away from the balcony windows; in the morning, we still need to switch on the overhead lamps when we’d have breakfast. Moving the table near the windows would eliminate the need to use lights. Plus our breakfast view would be smashing, rain or shine.

We discussed how the other pieces of furniture would be rearranged, but we always ended with, “Let’s see if it’ll work.” So since both of us were born in the Year of the Horse, T didn’t bat an eyelash when I said, “Now?”

Twenty minutes later we had everything moved to where we wanted them to be. All we needed was the final test: seeing the set-up during the daytime.

This morning… SUCCESS!

The two are perfect as reading chairs (with the reading lamps above), and it opened up the space from the entrance going into the condo.

Our living/dining space now has a smashing view. (That’s Max lounging on his daybed, which is conveniently parked under the table.)

We pushed the sofa to the side. Perfect as a day bed or…

…for watching TV, which is just across it. (From my laptop monitor you can see that I’m answering questions, LOL!)

The side table now holds flowers, fruits and T’s iPod. (It also serves as an accent to Bruce’s sleeping spot.)

Ahhh. Makeovers are fun. =)


~Carrie~ said...

Ang ganda ng condo nyo. Di na ko aartee jan kahit pricey.

Felipe said...

lovely place. kulang na lang asawa.

joelmcvie said...

@FELIPE: At may Presidential decree ba na ang lugar ay kulang kung ang occupant ay walang asawa?

Ano ba 'to, "You complete me... casa?" LOL!

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

it looks really nice. congrats! :D

rudeboy said...

"Ano ba 'to, "You complete me... casa?"

Oye! I can't believe I never made the connection between casa and casado before.

Home = Married?


Mac Callister said...

cute place!well done for the make over hehe

Anonymous said...

im in love with the place! ang ganda.

Ming Meows said...

maganda ito. mahilig pa naman ako sa minimalistic.

Nimrod said...

ganda ng furnitures... shala ng taste.. :)

JR said...

cool place..pwede makitulog ;-)?

joelmcvie said...

@JR: Mukhang kulang ka nga sa tulog these days ha. =)