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Saturday, February 13, 2010


I once received a text from RG, asking if the Fabcasters have ever quantified our endorsement powers. He thinks we have the Kris Aquino Magic.

One big “WEH!”

Our fabcasts may have hit 72,000+ downloads since December, but I seriously doubt if that makes us endorsement-ready. We may be exert some influence over a highly niche group of gay men, but we definitely have not crossed over to a mainstream audience.

Kris, on the other hand, seems poised to grab the crown as the second most powerful woman in the Philippines. She just bitches about making sugod, and the whole nation is captivated. Just. Like. That.

RG insists that people watch because she’s someone people love to hate and laugh at—she’s the Paris Hilton of the Philippines. I say she’s Paris in Pesos. People are riveted when she opens her mouth, though I’m not exactly sure why. Is it because she’s a more beautiful-looking car crash?

But I doubt if even Kris Magic can catapult her brother Noynoy to President of the Philippines. In the Philippines, elections are won not by magic, but by good old-fashioned sleight of hand.

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rudeboy said...

This girl is truly a force to reckon with. No matter how many shitstorms she causes, the caca just slides off her like Teflon and she comes out smellin' like a rose.

As for harnessing that unnatural gift to win the Presidency for Noynoy, I agree with you, Joel. Kris may have made "Magic To Win", but darker forces are afoot.