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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Immoral = Imbiyernang Moral (Moral Indignation)

I am McVie and I am immoral.

Yup, you read that right. I am not moral. You see, I engage in lots of premarital sex. Worse, I engage in lots of gay premarital sex. Worst, I use condoms! And since the Church and traditional politicians will rather slash their throats first before allowing gay marriages and condom use here in the Philippines, it looks like all gay men and women are “doomed” to engage in safe gay premarital sex until we all croak (unless the bishops and the politicos beat us to it, but, oh well). Because we are predominantly a Roman Catholic country, the morals of the majority hold sway.

Here’s my problem with that: what if I don’t agree with the morals of the majority? Shouldn’t our political system guarantee that we in the minority be allowed to live our lives without prejudice and judgment? Doesn’t the minority have as much right to their beliefs as the majority? Shouldn’t the minority have as much right to equal treatment under the law regardless of race, color, creed, sexual preference and sexual proclivity?

But really, my beef is not about the law. What I find saddening is the lack of sensitivity, tolerance and acceptance for others who do not necessarily think in the same way as most. I’m not asking that others agree with, or even more, do what I do in bed. I’m not asking that others be comfortable with the idea of rimming or anal sex; if they don’t rock your boat, I’m fine with that. I’m not complaining about straight guys eating pussy, so live and let live.

My biggest problem with the guardians of accepted, popular thought is this: they can’t seem to just live and let live.

The straight moral majority will argue that if they give gays an inch, we’ll take a mile. “Allow condom use, and the faggots will destroy the family unit! Humanity will be doomed!” Do they actually think that saying, “It’s okay to be gay” will turn people gay? Exposing the “gay life” to a straight world will not automatically make a straight guy gay, just as years of exposure to straight sex via straight porn and tits-and-ass magazines did not make me straight. If ignorance is bliss, then these straight-laced guardians have achieved Nirvana.

What’s sadder is that even gay guys can’t seem to live and let live with one another. The more conservative ones, the ones who go by the straight rules and norms, more often than not would label as “sluts” those who engage in a lot of sex, as if having consensual, responsible sex with fellow adults is a “bad” thing. Well excuse me, but this particular slut is embracing the term.

Yes, I am an immoral slut. So effing what.

* * * * *

Monday, February 2, 2010
Bishops to DOH chief: Resign

Bishops have called on Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral to resign from her post for her “immoral” way of addressing the population explosion in the country, which was by giving away free condoms to the public.

Read the story from here.

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Meanwhile, Gibbs Cadiz says more than a mouthful regarding this issue. Read it here.


Ming Meows said...

maganda yan. gawa tayo ng youtube flick. "i am immoral".

Guyrony said...

So much angst!!! Well that's really understandable.

Let it all out. McVie, let it all out.

What happened to awareness and embracing differences?

I just can't seem to see the point in all of this talk of discouraging protected sex.

Bull, this is such a huge, raging, effing bull.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

very well said. if that's the case then i'm proud to say i'm an immoral slut, too. so effing what? haha

Anonymous said...

I learned of this from my friend Glenn. Appalling.

Quentin X said...

hear, hear.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

saw your tweet. kainis naman sila. hindi na nila naisip na may sarili naman tayong mga utak. i thought the church was supposed to be separate from the state. haay nako.

rudeboy said...

Mmm this is why I decided long ago to tell the RCC to STFU and GTFO of my life.

dr magsasaka said...

The lady has balls.

DoH chief snubs Church on condoms issue,

~Carrie~ said...

Hi, McVie. I can feel your angst, sarcasm, and sadness over this rather complex and complicated issue of morality. You even touched upon how some of our kind feel "holier than thou" on slutty, promiscuous girls like me and Nelly Fortado. I can't take the Catholic Church's point against them, because they are the guardians of the absolute moral truth. But after reading the Phistar article, it was rather rash to pass judgment on a health official who's doing her job to solve the country's problems on health and population. The morally accepted way/s of controlling birth is a different and bigger story altogether. But to oppose one another without presenting a different (if not better or equally acceptable) solution to the problem is a debate with no direction. And to oppose with no sense of sensitivity and consideration is calling for an unnecessary war.

john stanley said...

and i am an immoral slut too!

come to think of it, a priest is not yet checked in my list. now where do i find one? bwahaha!

ManilaRaunch said...

my one major question to the RCC:

The DOH's mandate and job is to protect the health of the Filipinos. Isn't it YOUR job to mold us into beings who can say no to premarital sex and immorality? if people are engaging in immorality, it's because you, our spiritual leaders failed to instill in us the "proper" values to keep us moral. you failed us!

icarusboytoy said...

what's wrong with being a slut? :p

iurico said...

Amen to that, McVie. Amen!