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Friday, April 09, 2010

Blogging It Forward, Once More

Here’s something fresh and new: a blogger who wants people to read his sex stories.


As requested, ladies (ay, meron nga ba?) and gentlemen, please welcome Soltero and his Innuendos. His blog is mostly sex in Southern California. Wow, stateside landian galore, landian cornucopia, landian fatale. Hahaha! His writing style is breezy, switching from English to Filipino, giving it a very informal feel. I’m not too fond of the frequent use of ellipses (you know, the dot-dot-dots, as in…), but hey, that’s your blog, Soltero. Besides, I know of another blogger whose use of ellipses is even more frighteningly frequent, his blog reads like the transcript of Kuya Cesar’s radio show. Pramis.

Migs and I were discussing recently that sex sells. But as Von Draye bemoans: “For some reason, my sex stories blogsite only have 7 followers, while this wholesome blog of mine have 40+ followers, are people becoming more wholesome?!” So why do some sexually explicit blogs enjoy lots of readership, while others equally explicit (or maybe even more) do not?

Uhm, I really don’t know.

On the Internet, one needs to deliver the goods. Content is king. No matter how many links you get, if your content does not deliver, then people won’t come back.

So what makes for “sticky” writing? Nope, not more cum (get your mind off the gutter, honey). Another blogging goddess, Tristan Tales, offers a tip: Keep it light. Keep it simple. Write about what matters to you.

It really does take some skill, writing and keeping them coming back. While content is king, I believe the best, really sticky blogs are a combination of content and form. I also noticed that if the blogger is anonymous (no clear face pic, pseudonym), it helps if the blogger has an intriguing persona. If the blogger is out to the whole cyberspace (face and body pic, real name), then it helps if the guy is really hot—even if his subjects and verbs disagree all the time, and grammatical errors are the norm, he’ll still have followers! (No, I am sooo not referring to him, silly.)

So dear bloggers, just keep blogging. Hey, I’ve been blogging for six years and I have 177 official followers. The Goddess Tristan started blogging much later than me but in a few months overtook me and gathered 191 official followers (and counting). I’m not jealous, I’m proud. Go for it, Tristan gurl. (Hoy bakla, may utang ka pang kuwento sa akin, hah. Sino na ngaaaaa?! Hahaha.)

Okay, that’s it! Tama na, sobra na, quota na. Naku, ayokong maging future of The McVie Show eh magmukhang Bloggers’ Home Shopping Network, ahahaha!


~Carrie~ said...

Blogosphere's mega endorser and blogger extraordinaire, McVie! Haha

gibbs cadiz said...

bakit ang blog ko, di mo pinu-promote dito? LOL. :)

SOLTERO said... addition to ur blogroll would have sufficed...salamat po! :)

Tristan Tan said...

Hahaha. I think you are the a-ultimate blogger endorser na talaga. Bongga! Sisikat pa tuloy yang si Soltero na balita ko eh pagkasarap sarap. Mukhang, ako yata ang lilipad papuntang West Coast soon. Weh. Asa sya. LOL.

By the way, thanks for extra mention, mare. Dumami na naman ang readers ko. Kakalurkey.

Guyrony said...

And now you endorse blogs???

Oh, what will the Great McVie do next?

Grammatical errors are so in nowadays!

joelmcvie said...

@TRISTAN: Naka-do mo na si Soltero... back when you both were still in Manila. ETCHOZ.

@GUYRONY: What you need is spell check. Ahahahahahaha! (evil laftir)

Guyrony said...

Wahahaha! Point taken! I need a spell checker badly!

@ Tristan - a-ultimate? Sounds familiar. Hehehe. Is he good-looking and muscular?

Mr. Brightside said...

thanks for the tip... I just started blogging last march... I guess it really takes time to get used to it =S