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Friday, April 02, 2010

Holey Weak

Growing up with strict Catholic parents, we were told that Holy Week was a time for prayer and reflection. As such, we kids shouldn’t be so active or so noisy. We were admonished: if you get a cut or wound during Holy Week, it will not heal until after Easter. Obviously it’s to discourage us from any strenuous play. Silence was imperative. We weren’t even allowed to listen to any fast-tempo music.

So now that it’s Holy Week again, I’ve decided to observe it the way we used to when we were kids. I will be silent, I will kneel down and prey. Yes, I will be hitting the bathhouses this Holy Week.

They’re open, even on the most holy of holidays. The owners must have realized that there’s an untapped market of gay men who failed to arrange a trip to Puerta Gaylera. Now we have the gay equivalent of the Bisita Iglesia, except that it’s Bisita Karnal. Get ready to do the stations of the cocks. Aye, men.


Felipe said...

Hahaha. Bisita Karnal. AKo taong bahay this week. Ayokong sumama sa pamilya ko sa Tagaytay. I should have invited you over last night. My friends visited. Akala ko pumunta ka sa beach.

Guyrony said...

Time and again, the bath houses are sought by people who see Puerto as being too crowded.

Have fun Macavie!

Quentin X said...

A friend always referred to it as the Church of our lady of vapours.

Jay Quiambao said...

I knew it! haha.
God bless joel!

Advent Child said...

bisita karnal? good one. hehe. stations of the cocks can also be Via Notas. hehe.

happy easter!

Peter said...

You must have felt weak in the knees while doing that. Happy Easter.

ManilaRaunch said...

my best parties were always done during the holidays when everyone else was away--holy week, undas, xmas. there is a market out there and usually the ones left in manila become ravenous and are all too willng to explore their dark side

~Carrie~ said...

Quoting Karen Walker: "It's funny, coz it's blasphemous." :D

Happy Easter, McVie! :)