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Monday, April 05, 2010

A Thriller Indeed

The following video had me laughing uncontrollably with tears in my eyes here at my desk on a Monday morning. It’s only one minute and forty-five seconds long, so watch it until the end. Your patience will be rewarded.

I find it valiant what the kid did to keep his dignity—and his diapers—on. He can teach Janet Jackson a thing or two about professionalism, showmanship and how to handle a wardrobe malfunction. (Warning: the audio is basag, so turn down the volume level.)

(Read the following below only AFTER you watch the video.)

What really gets me every time I watch it—and my eyes turn all misty again—is when the wig falls off. You see, the video is a great lesson on Humor 101. Humor rests on the incongruous, and the more incongruous a situation gets, the more humorous it becomes. With every slip, the incongruity escalates; the wig tops (pun intended) it all. That kills it.


~Carrie~ said...

saludo ako sa batang yun.

pero, sana may contingency (like plaster or something to cover his privates).

gayunpaman, clap clap ako. panalo ang wig.

Rygel said...

LOL! the show must go on

Ming Meows said...

kung hindi man nakakalibog, nakakatawa.

Nimrod said...

ROFL. nice one kid! performance level sya all throughout the vid.. :)

Felipe said...

clapness first talaga. pwede siyang i-manage ni kuya germs.

lee said...

todo bigay pa rin si totoy hahaha ang professional nya lols

Tristan Tan said...

That was fun. Haha.

rudeboy said...

Well now, there's a trouper! And the wardrobe malfunction added a new and disturbing level to MJ's signature crotch-grab-thrust move.


i am beki said...

oh my! i wonder who won the contest :p

The Bakla Review said...

the wig was improv brilliance.

hubad ba o naka-skin color underwear?

may isa pang ganto sa youtube pero lawit na lawit yung sa batang sumasayaw, mas bulilit kesa rito, di ko lang maalala title no'n. the show must go on din siya, di na nagtakip.

Anonymous said...

omigod, omigod, omigod, i almost died laughing! the kid's got talent!!!