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(pilot episode: 20 January 2004)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Let’s call him A, and he’s a security guard at our condo building.

Of the six or seven employed to provide security in our building, he was the cutest, face-wise. Moreno-skinned, he had that deadly combination of baby-faced innocence and openness mixed with an air of probinsyano eagerness. It also helped a lot that he was the only one who had a well-built body. Sure, he too has the beginnings of a tummy, but from his muscular arms and well-developed chest you can see that he had lifted weights before, a fact he confirmed just recently.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I was never the sociable tenant. They would greet me, “Good morning, sir!” or “Good evening, sir!” and I’d just smile, nod or wave at them, and head for the stairs or elevator.

A was rarely assigned to stay at the reception area. Still, whenever he’d see me, he’d smile and greet, “Good morning, sir!” just like everybody else. He already caught my attention the first time I laid eyes on him, but I’d return his good mornings with just a smile and a wave.

This went on for months.

About two weeks ago I went down at around 8:30pm to buy something at the nearest convenience store. Lo and behold, A was behind the reception desk. He smiled his usual smile, I smiled back, and then….

“Sir, nagwo-work-out ba kayo?”

Hu-well, hu-well, hu-well. It seems he’s been keeping an eye on my body as well—I must commend him for his vigilance. I stopped, smiled at him and said, “Oo, pero bukas pa. Eh ikaw?”

“Sir, noon sa probinsya, nagbubuhat ako sa gym namin doon. Pero natigil na nga eh!” he added with a slight frown.

“Mukhang okey pa naman katawan mo, ha!” my smile grew wider. And just before I could stop myself, I winked at him.

As I walked out of the reception area, A followed me with his gaze, smiling the whole time. And he didn’t break his gaze until I cleared the corner; all the while, we were smiling at each other.

Hmmm. Methinks I will need more security soon. Hehehe.


ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

lol wow i remember i ran into a blog once that was all about the sikyus. haha i say there should be no shame. haha i for one find errs very interesting. :D

Tristan Tan said...

I think I'm so gonna visit you at your place when I go home. Hehe.

Felipe said...

naku ang mga kindat-kindat na yan. sumakit naman ang puson ko. bitin! abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

Ming Meows said...

nasa sekyu pala ang kasagutan

Mr. Brightside said...

flirty, cute and exciting... Men in uniform are so hot ;)

Von_Draye said...

Hu-well. .Hu-well.. Hu-well..

one word: Batuta!

Anonymous said...

may kilig factor?

Mac Callister said...

malamang arturo name niya?LOL

sayang ano na sumunod n nagyari?bitinnnnnnn

icarusboytoy said...

ano name niya? i-enroll nga natin siya sa fitness platinum! hehe!