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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Don’t Be So Forward

I understand if once in a while someone forwards me an SMS of a famous quote, a wise saying, or even a prayer. Sometimes we stumble upon a particular saying that captures perfectly or succinctly an idea that’s been brewing in our minds for some time, but for some reason or another we’ve not been successful in articulating it. I get that.

But when someone constantly sends forwarded text messages, I see it as a form of mental laziness. I’m so tempted to ask, “Honey, don’t you have a mind of your own? Can’t compose an original thought a personal sentiment?” Forwarded messages sound more impersonal because they are not in your own words.

So when someone sends me forwarded SMS’s almost every single day, I don’t even bother to scroll down. It’s an unwanted subscription that I didn’t avail of. I just reach for the delete button.


Spiral Prince said...

I do that, too, sir mcvie! It started when I realized that it was tacky, years and years back, just as the bedazzlement with texting started to fade. I'd like to think that people soon grow out of the habit and find time to speak their mind. :)

heavensent said...

But getting forwarded messages means that at least someone has remembered you on that particular day. It's the remembrance that counts more, not the incapacity to compose an "original thought".

joelmcvie said...

@HEAVENSENT: [1] I don't need people to remember me to make my day, but it certainly is a pleasant (and very much appreciated) surprise if someone does.

Having said that, [2] I'm glad most of my friends make the effort to compose a simple "Hey, just wanna say hi!" which, okay, it's not original and new, but it is a personal sentiment. (That's actually what I wanted to say instead of "original thought;" thus the revision. Thanks for pointing it out.) I'd take a "Musta na?" over a kilometric quote (often written in jejemonese so as to squeeze the whole quote in the shortest way passible) any time.

Mugen said...


I beg to disagree. Sending forwarded messages is a lukewarm attempt to remember someone. There's no personal touch in it.

~Carrie~ said...

I say, "Ang taray!" Wahaha, may point ka jan.

Ming Meows said...

it's about time to put tax on text.

heavensent said...

But, Mugen, Mugen ... not everyone can deftly or creatively compose messages with a personal flair. Unlike you and McVie, the rest of us can only send a lame "musta na?" which sounds and looks totally dull.

If someone forwards to me a lovely quotation from your blog -- huh, now, that is something I will cherish the whole day!

joelmcvie said...

@HEAVENTSENT: "If someone forwards to me a lovely quotation from your blog -- huh, now, that is something I will cherish the whole day!"

Flattery will get you... another reply, LOL. You don't need to creatively compose messages of a personal flair. What Mugen and I are saying is, drop the "creative" and "flair" and just be personal. If you feel "musta na" is lame, then I would assume you don't use it yourself. So greet them as you would naturally, whether it's "Hi!" or "Hello!" or "Hola, chikha! Kamustaza mustasa evulvah kah nah?!"