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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Jake Fabcast, Part 1

“McVie, I have a guest with me. It’s Jake,” Migs whispered to me.

I looked blankly at him. “Who’s Jake?”

“Remember the positive letter sender?”

Migs and I were in a restaurant in Marikina when I first met Jake. Jake is one of Migs’ more “popular” letter senders, and it’s no mystery why. The story of how he contacted HIV is quite jaw-dropping.

When I first read his letter, I imagined Jake to be a regular Pinoy, someone whom you may barely glance at while riding the MRT. As it turns out, Jake is a Caucasian looking half-Pinoy, half Creole (let him explain what Creole is in the Fabcast). Initial impression is that he looks very put-together; then again, most of the HIV-poz peeps I know are the ones who are coping well with the virus.

If you’ve read Jake’s letter and you thought that his story was powerful already, wait ‘til you hear it straight from Jake himself.

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Music Credits:
[1] "Love The Way You Lie (Part II) (piano version)" by Rihanna
[2] "Maturity" (from the soundtrack of "Cinema Paradiso") by Ennio Morricone
[3] "Visit To The Cinema" (from the soundtrack of "Cinema Paradiso") by Ennio Morricone
[4] "After The Destruction" (from the soundtrack of "Cinema Paradiso") by Ennio Morricone
[5] "Cinema On Fire" (from the soundtrack of "Cinema Paradiso") by Ennio Morricone

1 comment:

palma tayona said...

I had to listen to this fabcast of yours TWICE. Was busy doing some drawings and thought I'd click this on as some sort of 'background noise' expecting some funny inanities from you guys that I'd snicker, giggle or laugh with every now and then. Lo and behold... I got in on an unexpected ride. Though this is merely the first part of your guest's story, I am very angry for Jake and how that fucking bastard of a 'friend' of his - George - infected him knowingly with HIV. What a lame excuse for a human being having that delusion of being a knight in shining armor riding at the end of the day to embrace his beloved whom he himself infected.

"It took me a day and a half to clean the blood off the floor. I beat him to a pulp." If I was Jake, I would have simply cut off that bastard's penis and stuck shove it down his throat.

Though, I could hear the anger and pain in the way he described his ordeal of having to go through all that betrayal of trust, an uncertain future and the demolition of faith in others... I could already sense that willingness in his voice to search for forgiveness (or has he granted it?) and acceptance and wanting to move on despite of it all.

I sincerely wish him well in his struggles.

p.s. why do I get this queer feeling i knew this guy in my facebook. every detail he described of himself and the timeline corresponds to the other guy who just disappeared like a bubble. oh well, i am wondering out loud.