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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Addendum To “Teach P How To Doogie?”

While discussing the Piolo-KC fiasco with the Jonas Bagas (gay activist extraordinaire, staunch Riza Hontiveros supporter and all-around Mr. Humanity, thus the “the” before his name, LOL), he reminded me of a very important point which I totally missed in my previous episode of The McVie Show.

(What’s more, his reminder made me realize that I made an unstated assumption in my previous episode; by keeping quiet on my assumption, I was being unfair to Piolo. But more of that later.)

Some say it with concern, most say it bluntly and with much chiding: “Mag-out ka na kasi, Piola!” What’s more, the ones screaming for him to step out of the closet are gay guys.

Haven’t we in the community seen for ourselves how cruel it is to force people to come out when they’re not yet ready, for whatever reasons they have? Didn’t we as gay guys experience for ourselves first-hand how unsettling for us to be pressured into admitting we’re gay? Coming out is a personal choice, done on one’s own time and pace.

And here is where I will state my assumption plainly: ASSUMING that Piolo is gay, it seems clear that he has come out to certain guys (especially the ones linked to him). But to pressure him to come out to the whole world is, I think, unrealistic, cruel and unnecessary. Unrealistic because his current career requires that he appear straight. Cruel because it’s his call, not ours. Unnecessary because apparently most of the people I know in the community treat his sexual preference as an “open secret,” so what for?

Jonas Bagas raised a valid point. We may crack all sorts of jokes about the split-up, from the innocuous to the bitchy. But let’s draw the line when it comes to calls for him to come out. The community may want him to come out because he can champion the pink cause and wave the rainbow flag for us. He’ll be the poster child of the Proud Pink Pinoy, and I’m sure bonggang-bongga ang poster! But that’s not for us to decide.

That’s his choice to make. Or not.


Anonymous said...

So.... Next type I talk to Jonas, I'll call him THE Jonas. Tehehe.

But yes, it is true, we come out in our own time, slowly, surely, to one person, one group or one community at a time.

joelmcvie said...

@DAREDEVILRYINEXILE: Oo, tawagin mo siyang THE Jonas Bagas, mawiwindang yun. Hahaha!