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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Teach P How To Doogie?

So many people are a-buzz about Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion’s break-up, and her interview in “The Buzz.” Let’s not beat around the bush: her interview further fueled talks that Piolo is gay. To be fair to her, she never categorically outed her ex-boyfriend. But this didn’t stop the Tweeple (including yours truly) from having fun at their expense. And why shouldn’t we? They are public persons, and what we’ve done is similar to what late-night show hosts dish out in their opening monologues.

But there are also those who have earnest takes on the matter, just like this following comment that I’ve seen echoed by several on Facebook: “Why doesn’t Piolo just come out and fashion a career just like Neil Patrick Harris?”

Perhaps some who said that were half-kidding. I am sure that some, based on the tone of their comment, were totally serious. So for those who earnestly think that Piolo can be the Pinoy NPH, let me say in all earnestness: it is not that simple.

Piolo cannot fashion a career like Neil Patrick Harris. NPH may have started as lead star of his own show “Doogie Howser, MD,” but he was a child actor back then. When he came back into the scene, he was in mostly supporting roles, often comedic in tone. His comeback breakthrough was spoofing himself in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. And he solidified his comeback with his performance in the ensemble comedy, “How I Met Your Mother.”

Piolo, on the other hand, is a matinee idol of a romantic lead mode. He’s not much of a comedian (in his romantic comedies with Judy Ann Santos, it’s Juday who supplies the comedy; he plays it straight, pun intended). And I don’t know if he can re-invent himself as an action star (besides, as far as local showbiz is concerned, the action genre is currently in deep hibernation).  So for now he’s stuck playing male romantic lead.

Aye, there’s the rub. So far, no openly gay actor of such massive popularity as Piolo’s (just among Filipinos, of course) has ever thrived as a romantic lead. Can you name one? Didn’t think so.

Rock Hudson built a career out of being a romantic lead, but it was only when he was dying of AIDS that his homosexuality was talked about in the open. But who remembers Rupert Everett? Didn’t think so either.

Romantic movies require a suspension of disbelief and the willingness of the audience to submit themselves to two hours of make-believe. The female audience members should identify with the leading lady, and the male audience with the leading man. (An aside: for me, one of the most effective romantic male leads today is John Lloyd Cruz. He is someone even straight guys will say is a tunay na lalaki whom they can easily identify.) By coming out, an actor ruins his chance to be the fantasy figure of the audience. By declaring himself in no uncertain terms that he’s gay, an actor allows too much of reality to intrude into the make-believe.

So what can Piolo do at this point? Nothing, really. He should just keep quiet and weather the storm.

Meanwhile, if I were him, I’d start charting a new career course. Revive the action thriller genre and do ala-Keanu Reeves in Speed, or play a spy like Kevin Costner’s role in the thriller No Way Out. Or perhaps he can produce and star in a Yam Laranas horror film.

But he should avoid a movie musical at all costs.


WikiPika said...

STILL, no one has the right to out someone who is either not ready or just not willing to declare their sexual preference. In the first place, this KC girl already knew about his preference. (If she didn't then clearly she's boba.) WHy did she get into the whole carnival parade in the first place? ANd now she fell in love and got hurt, she thinks revenge is just right? Boo-hoo KC. HAve a dose of NErds with extra sugar coz you're looking too bitter with a nasty aftertaste

joelmcvie said...

@PIKA: You are right, no one has the right to"out" Piolo, and clearly she didn't out him.

As for her getting into "the whole carnival parade in the first place," it's possible she went in knowing his preference but still hoped that maybe it would work. Maybe she trusted too much. Maybe he also did or say things that made her think both of them can make it work. All of these are speculations.

Meanwhile, I'd rather be less harsh on either of them. A break-up is still a break-up, and often in these cases both parties have their share of responsibilities.

MkSurf8 said...

pwede horror film basta wag lang sya tumili

charles. said...

Rustom came out of the closet when he/she was 39. Piolo's 34. He still has 5 years. Let's give him/her more time. :p