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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wait A Minute

In the public debate on the RH Bill, the Anti-RH camp often uses as a reason the “Big Bad Pharma Companies” that allegedly are supporting (and perhaps even funding?) the push to have the RH bill approved because it means more business for their products, be they condoms or medicines for abortion.

Fine, I understand the simplistic economic cause-and-effect. But using the same line of argument, wouldn’t more industries benefit a lot more from the birth of a child? From hospitals to medicines to baby products--these are multi-billion dollar industries. So why aren’t those companies supporting the Anti-RH camp?


red the mod said...

That is myopic and selective logic.

palma tayona said...

lately, the ant-rh people are being exposed for the lies they are raising to support their campaigns. if i remember Dante's Inferno, I think they'll be in good company with the thieves and those who sow divisiveness through false rhetoric in the eighth circle.