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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Things One Sees On Facebook: Week of 6-12 Nov 2011

Let’s face it. Sometimes we see things posted on Facebook that make us laugh out loud, or at the very least get us going in a giggling fit. Sometimes we see something that moves us, or astounds us, whether in a good way or otherwise.

Here are some which got my attention recently:

[1] Corruption of the line: “Pag bakla, salot agad? Di ba puwedeng malas muna?”

[2] Steven Spielberg does a George Lucas. On the occasion of the Blu-Ray release of Jurassic Park, the director reworks his masterpiece to make it “less scary for the kids.” In turn, he makes it terrifying for adults.

[3] Will the real Ramona Bautista please stand up? Please stand up? Please stand up?

[4] Ramon Revilla, Sr. is a prime example of why the RH should be passed. Sheesh, no wonder he entered politics; otherwise, where will he get that money to support all of his children?


Ronnie said...

kalat na kalat ang ang prabeyt benjamin jokes hehe. May gore videos din sa fb (man is burning alive and magician accidentally beheaded his partner.)

citybuoy said...

This was super entertaining. Mega-share naman ako. lol

Mac Callister said...

natawa naman ako kay barney!!!

madalas natatouch ako sa mga madramang video sa FB...di mo namamalayan naiiyak ka na pala!