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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Lucban Longganiza, Part One

Sunday morning in Lucban, we trouped to the only 7-11 near the plaza to buy provisions I realized I forgot to bring. While the others were lazily looking around the convenience store, I headed to the cashier after grabbing the stuff I needed.

Behind the counter was a man of about early twenties. His uniform looked one size too big, but I could tell his body type is more of the rounded kind. His round face was topped by wavy hair swept back and parted off-center, and he had eyes that naturally looked sleepy even when wide open. A shy smile was plastered on his lips. I took a peek at his nameplate: Marvin.

As he was ticking off the items I was purchasing, he kept looking at me straight in the eyes. He almost never took them off of mine. Mind you, I’m used to prolonged eye contact, and can match them in length and intensity. But after a few seconds I was the one who felt unnerved and broke off contact. WTF, is this Marvin coming on to me so blatantly?! I looked up again. His gaze was penetrating and constant. Dammit! I looked down again.

“Sir, may two pesos ba kayo?” he asked.

I looked back at D and the others, who by this time were behind me, waiting for me to finish my transaction. “You have two pesos?” I asked D. He fished out the coins and handed them to me. When I placed the coins on Marvin’s outstretched hand, I made sure my fingers brushed his palm. Then I looked at him again. His facial expression never changed, but he also didn’t take his eyes off me. Only when he dropped the coins in the cashier and got my change did he look away. I got my change, my purchases and went out behind the others, who had proceeded to exit earlier. Because I was last at the door, I looked back at Marvin. He maintained eye contact as I stepped out the door.

Outside, Londonboy exclaimed, “Teh! Anlagkit ng ngiti ng cashier sa iyo, hah! Ahahaha!

D placed his arm around my shoulder and chimed in, “Oo nga. Jusko kung makatingin.

Aba! Will I get to taste fresh local longganiza here in lazy Lucban?

To be continued.

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Mamon said...

I heard Lucban longganiza is the best ;) looking forward for part 2