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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What A Relief

(I promised myself I won’t talk about work-related stuff here on The McVie Show, but….)

After days of near desperation and despair at work, feeling that you and your team can’t crack that elusive Big Idea that will propel your campaign, you finally arrive at something that feels right. And so you run with it, still unsure if it will impress the clients. But you do it anyway because—dammit!—the presentation’s this Wednesday! And finally the fateful day comes, and you wear what you think will look well in front of the bigwigs, and you even get to rehearse twice what you’ll be presenting—and still end up stammering during the second run. You face the clients—surprise, it’s an all-boys club!—and you realize, “Oh no! I have to play butch for this one.” So you do, and despite the last-minute jitters you breeze through your presentation, and when all of you are done you realize: My god, that went almost pitch-perfect!

And after that you and the whole team celebrate a job well done by treating yourselves to a hearty lunch. And suddenly every difficulty, every moment of insanity, every “Why did I ever get into this industry in the first place?” instance just melts away. And you look to your teammates and you feel the urge to say, “I love you, guys!”

Except you don’t and stuff your mouth with bawang crispy pata instead.

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