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Friday, October 10, 2008

I Have A Froblem

I recently received a message in my G4M account, from ****25: pre I like u

Curious, I looked at his profile. His one and only picture showed a young guy, kinda cute. Says he’s single, lives in Manila and is sexually adventurous. Hmmm-kay. Then I read his profile message: simple understanding sweet prank

What a joke.


palma tayona said...

Hmmm... maybe his name is Frank, not "prank".

Ming Meows said...

That's what we get when we're too serious in looking for hook ups. T'is a good manifestation that life is a bitch.

enegue said...

ahihihi ip you could look fast this, malay mo ok naman siya :)

joelmcvie said...

@ENEGUE: Unportunately, this is one of my fet feebs. =)

Mugen said...

Ugh. Badtrip.

ArchieMD said...

and McVie's Red Flag was raised.

Red Flag: bad networking account frofile

joelmcvie said...

@McFITCH: Huy, it's Red Plag! =)

Anonymous said...

At least he's a sweet prank...ster.

He means he's a simple guy who could understand a sweet prank, like his profile. Aww, man, go message him back.

JP (again.)

Anonymous said...

mcvie is known for flaring up upon the sight of bad grammar. :)

joelmcvie said...

@PAO: Hindi naman bad grammar yun. He just has a P-&-F froblem. Sfelling, kumbaga. =)

WikiPika said...

Judgemental naman... hehehehhe

in fairness natawa ako dun.

There's this cute guy sa office. sabi nung isang bading: san ka nakatira? ang sagot: Pathig.