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Sacha Guitry once said, "You can pretend to be serious, but you can't pretend to be witty." Oh yes, I'm the great pretender.
(pilot episode: 20 January 2004)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Photos

“Leigh & Joel” – she’s a little bit Light, I’m a little bit Zero. (Yeah I know, unflattering. So what.) Before it was difficult to figure out whose soda can was on the table. But ever since I switched to Zero, there was no more fear of interchanging soda cans.

Okay, so who approved the headline here? I never thought Lucky Me! endorses cannibalism. Say hello to instant Mommy noodles. Or this will give new meaning to the word papa-kainin. No wonder they called it the “Famealy Day”.


E said...

bwahahahahahah!!nice one mcvie!! funny!!

i thought it was a horror movie billboard HAHAHAHAHA

joaqui_miguel said...

LOL at the billboard thingie!


Anonymous said...

maybe the creatives wanted a concise yet complete copy following the 8-word rule for billboards (or is it 7?). however, the attempt to shorten made matters worse. sometimes, a few more words goes a long way. :)

odin hood said...

LOL! i thought it was sweet..never thought of it that scary ang tingin ko dun sa mga smiling faces na yun hehe que horror!