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Monday, October 13, 2008

Trailer Alert (Again)

There is something tragic and romantic with this tale of unconventional love. Not only are they quite young, but they also have differences in their, uhm, lust for life.

This is one movie I would love—and dread—to watch.


Ming Meows said...

Tanong ko lang, may permit na ba ang mga batang iyan sa DOLE?

Wla lang.

jasonethan said...

uso ba ang vampire movies?

parang maganda nga tong panuorin.

E said...

1 word: WOW!

enegue said...

hi joel. let the right one in. it won at this year's tribeca film festival. it was inspired by the novel with the same title. it's really creepy :) can't wait for it to come out :)

kawadjan said...

shucks, kainis. it was shown in the bangkok intl film fest at di ko pinanood. sayang! ang vongga nito ha.