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Thursday, October 02, 2008

McVie’s Most Favorite Episodes (Part 2)

When I came out with “Presenting TransGenders: More Than Meets The Eyeliner” episode last year, I thought it was just one of my throwaway episodes, a trivial tribute to the kick-ass Michael Bay Transformers movie. Viewing it again I only realize now how meta-referential I was with this one. And to think when I started writing it, I wasn’t trying to be funny; I was just looking for words that had the syllable “bot” in them.

This episode first came out 04 July 2007.

(You can view the original episode, with commentary, here.)

* * * * *

Presenting TransGenders: More Than Meets The Eyeliner

The KemBots, a new breed of sentient machines tasked with just one mission: to propagate beauty and sass throughout the universe!

The KuluBots, their mortal enemy, who are out to spread stress, worry and wrinkles to all sentient creatures who need at least SPF-15 level of protection.

The BeBots, a friendly ally to the KemBots, these sentient machines are also know as “fag hags.”

The Bi-Bots, a group of sentient machines that have their wires crossed somewhat; they swing from KemBot to KuluBot depending on the situation. In other words, palyado.

The CallBots, a breed of machines designed to entice the KemBots to ride them—for a fee. They are led by MegaDaks, a ten-wheeler notorious for filling up the whole length of Dakota-Harrison streets with the length of his, uhm, exhaust pipe. (After you go through his pipe—or his pipe goes through you—you’ll understand why it’s “exhausting.”)

The Vi-and-Bots, old-timer machines who remember the time when transistors were used, tubes powered television sets, and Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz were a love-team instead of a governor with a lot of beef and an executive producer of Goin’ Bulilit.

The Motocross Dressers, a specialized form of two-wheeled machines that transform into big sexy robots with huge hooters and a penchant for lip-synching. Currently they have the soundtrack of “Dreamgirls” on heavy rotation in their CD/MP3 players.

The Emoticons, they’re not really machines. They’re small pieces “of specialized ASCII art (usually two to five characters, always on a single line) used in text messages as informal markup to indicate emotions and attitudes that would be conveyed by body language in face-to-face communications. They are intended to be relatively simple to type, easy to recognize, and most commonly represent stylized facial expressions.” (from Wikipedia)

The Revicons, they’re multi-vitamins. (Product placement! Just like in the movie!)

* * * * *

Is it obvious I’m too busy these days?


Misterhubs said...

There's also the AmBots, the sexually confused ones.

palma tayona said...

tatlong uri lang ng "bots" ang matatagpuan dito sa sulok ko ng pasay

- Callbots - dalawang apartment sila sa may leveriza. generally mga kapampangan at paboritong tambayan ang cartimar at baclaran kapag mierkoles.

- Kembots - mga ageing divas, former japayukis and young transvestites. some of the young trannies are working in japanese call centers there in ayala.

- at saka yung Motocross Dressers - surprise, surprise! dahil lahat sila eh mga trabahador na naghahakot ng karne sa umaga sa palengke ng libertad. kapag day off nila, sila yung mga kumakanta ng mga awitin ni regine in falsetto sa new harlem restaurant. masaya silang grupo. nakakatakot nga lang dahil ang lalaking mga baklang bakulaw.

joelmcvie said...

@PALMA: My gulay, you MUST show me these 'Bots next time I'm in Pasay. Parang I want you to give me a tour of Pasay ala-Carlos Celdran but with a much more obvious gay slant, hahaha!

E said...