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Monday, August 17, 2009

An Online Petition

ArchieMD and JAG left the following in my comments page.

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To: My Fellow Filipinos and Artists

Many of us in the artists community were shocked and appalled that Carlo J. Caparas was named National Artist for Visual Arts and Film on July 2009. Although we recognize the work and accomplishments of Caparas within the comic book industry as well as television and film, we strongly believe that his body of work does not live up to the tradition of excellence the title of National Artist entails.

It is appalling to us that someone who has made a living exploiting the lowest common denominator in films such as "The Cecilia Masagca Story: Antipolo Massacre (Jesus Save Us!)", "The Untold Story: Vizconde Massacre 2 - God Have Mercy on Us", "Lipa Arandia Massacre (Lord Deliver Us from Evil)", and "The Marita Gonzaga Rape-Slay: In God We Trust!" shall now be placed in the same league as Manuel Conde and Lino Brocka, the greatest filmmakers in the Philippines responsible for our greatest movies as "Ghengis Khan" and "Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag" respectively.

However, if one is looking for an objective reason for this protest, it would be this:

It is clear that "Visual Arts" and "Film" are two different categories. Therefore, "Visual Arts" refer to Caparas' work in comics. Caparas is a writer. He has never illustrated any of his comics stories, least of all his most popular ones. Panday and Pieta? They were illustrated by Steve Gan. Bakekang? It was illustrated by Mar Santana. Kroko? Illustrated by Hal Santiago. Totoy Bato? Illustrated by Tor Infante.

In the guidelines for selection of National Artist for Visual Artists, the category clearly covers:

"Visual Arts – painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, installation art, mixed media works, illustration, graphic arts, performance art and/or imaging;"

How can someone who is not an illustrator, therefore *NOT* a visual artist ever be named National Artist for Visual Arts? If Carlo should ever be given this title, the title should be shared with all the artists he collaborated with, for that is the nature of comics. It is a collaborative medium as Carlo himself points out many times during his talks.

If not, then this title should be removed, as it is not factually descriptive of who he is. In short, Carlo J. Caparas is NOT qualified to be National Artist. The guidelines unarguably point this fact out.

Our objection and resolve are strengthened by news that have recently come to light that Carlo J. Caparas did not go through the rigorous selection and assessment process of the National Artists voting board. Carlo J. Caparas is a SNAG, or "Singit National Artist ni Gloria". It is through this Presidential insertion process that a person who is not qualified to be National Artist manages to be one.

As Philippine artists and concerned citizens who feel that our artistic legacy as a nation is compromised by these events, we strongly and vehemently put forward this protest.


ArchieMD and JAG


Ming Meows said...

Ano bang alam ni Madam President sa arts? The art of fraud. LoL!

palma tayona said...

napag-iisip-isip ko lang.

lately, itong si Manoling eh ang tindi ng pagtatanggol kay CJC sa mga interbyu, dyaryo etc. siya ang producer ng "Ang Panagarap Kong Lotto" na dinidirehe ni CJC. Siya rin ang nagtutulak (pinuno siya ng grupong nagbigay ng presidential merit award kay CJC kasama nila Mars Ravelo, Alcala at Francisco Coching) na umangat sa mga listahan ng pagpaparangal kay CJC. He also went on record na kinokolekta niya ang mga "gawa" ni CJC.

Alam ng buong bayan na berde ang dugo ni Manoling at famoso rin si CJC na siya'y galit sa bakla and yet... they seem to be cushy-cushy with each other.

I wonder... meron kayang makulay na kasaysayan ang dalawa - a rich, aging, vanguard-of-morals (with questionable taste in art bordering on tack-o-rama) short-sleeved barong-wearing gay guy and a former lowly sikyu-turned-artistic-ingenue who also shares the same tack-o-centricism?

this is something that can make one go "hmmmm...."

ooops... pakibaba ang kilay. hehehehe...