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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What’s Up With That?!

Okay, so what’s wrong with this picture?

You see how the number “6” looks like the letter “G”? It’s so easy to mistake one for the other, especially since “6” is the lowest in that column of buttons. I’ve made that mistake three f**kin’ times already while going down from the tenth floor, and I had to wait (twice in embarrassment since there were others with me!) while the elevator made a pitstop on the sixth.



rudeboy said...

Aw, maybe you've been staring into your new MacVie Pro too much, Joel. That 6 isn't that close to the G, although I would press it by mistake simply because it's at the bottom.

In one of the buildings I do work in, the elevator often opens at the 6th floor, whether or not anyone pressed the button. But that's because that's where the resident ghost gets on.

Jay Quiambao said...

most elevators can undo the floor you mistakenly chose by double clicking that button. just a suggestion and you may try if it works.

Ming Meows said...

praktisin mo kasi nang nakapikit!

sky said...

I hear you, Joel.
Just finished discussing Poka Yoke (the error proofing concept developed by a Toyota guy) with my boss.

We both agreed on the idea that the printed word will always leave room for errors that's why colored labels are more popular.

thebaklareview said...

it's your mind telling you you need six.