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Monday, August 13, 2007

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Tama na ang emo. Sobra na ang senti. Itigil na yan!

* * * * *

Remember ITALY? I trust and love you. Or JAPAN? Just always pray at night. This weekend while going through some old stuff I came across an old computer printout (How old? Dot-matrix pa ang printer!) of some acronyms that some fellow TA members created. I wanted to credit the authors, but this was so long ago so I don’t remember now who they were. Anyway, here they are.

GERMANY – Girls enjoy rabid men averaging ninety years.
CHINA – Constant hard-ons induce narcissistic actions.
SPAIN – Sex plus aggression is nice.
YUGOSLAVIA – Young unused girls offer sexy, lusty and venereal instant amusement.
CZECHOSLOVAKIA – Closed zippers excite cunt holes of sexy lasses offering virginal and kinky instant amusement.

I know you can’t resist adding your own, so go ahead.


James said...


talagang ang -IA is always "instant amusement"

sounds like a quickie country. LOL

joelmcvie said...

JAMES: Actually puwede rin palang "instant arousal".

daniel palma tayona said...

napapakamot ako sa ulo habang natatawa sa mga taong nakakabuo ng acronyms out of countries' names.

belated hirit ko = hahahahaha