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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back From The Ad Congress

First of all, apologies for not leaving word earlier that The McVie Show would go on a four-day mid-season hiatus because of the 20th Philippine Advertising Congress in Subic. The Ad Congress happens every two years, and this year I’m one of the official delegates from our agency.

The past four days I was inspired, enlightened, intrigued and fascinated. As delegates we had too much fun and not enough sleep. Plus I was assigned to drive one of the company cars to, within, and from Subic. I’m surprised I’m still alive.

What were the highlights for me? In no particular order: [1] Neil Gaiman opened the Ad Congress with a talk followed by Q&A hosted by my friend Marlon Rivera of Publicis, prompting a slew of “gay man meets Gaiman” jokes. [2] Marlon, usually a vision of poise and control, was reduced to a giggly fan doing an ala-Pilita bending-over-backwards routine. [3] In the bingo game of GMA-7, a delegate from the ABS-CBN contingent won 75,000 pesos and another Kapamilya won 10,000 pesos. [4] Marian Rivera aka Marimar announced, “Number seeksty-seeeeex!” during the said bingo game. You’d think she just made an honest mistake, until she announced, “Number seeeeeeex!” later on. [5] Neil Gaiman’s second and more intimate talk, hosted by another friend, Leigh who acquitted herself nicely even though she is also an uber-fan. [6] My current art director won two prizes in two separate raffles, damned that lucky fuck. [7] Bronzes, silvers and gold—8 awards (out of 10 finalists). [8] Driving my boss’ Mazda 3 all throughout the Congress. Damn, I looove driving! I must have been a chauffer in my previous life. [9] Dancing to 80s music at the JWT party. [10] Meat Plus beef is the bomb!

* * * * * * * * * *

And an extra highlight—a conversation between three gay men in one car:

Poma: “Napanood mo na yung ‘Kramer Versus Kramer’?”
McVie: “Ay! Maganda yun!”
Poma: “Eh ikaw Harvey, napanood mo na yung ‘Kramer Versus Kramer’?”
Harvey: “Hindi ba yun yung boxing movie?”
(Poma and McVie look at one another. Then it dawns on Harvey.)
Harvey: “Ay! ‘The Champ’ pala yung boxing movie!”
McVie: (laughing) “At, Harvey! Kung boxing ang ‘Kramer Versus Kramer’, anu yun, magkalaban ang mag-asawa?!”

A few minutes later, the talk turned to horror movies.

Harvey: “Eh Poma, napanood mo na ba yung ‘2010’?”
Poma: “Ay oo! Pero hindi ako masyadong natakot dun.”
McVie frowned.
McVie: “Paano naging horror yun? Eh di ba sequel yun ng ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’?!”
Harvey: “Ay! Eh ano yung movie na nandun si John Cusak sa isang hotel?”
McVie: “Aaaaah, hindi yun ‘2010’….”
Harvey: “Ay! ‘1608’ pala yun!”
Poma started laughing.
Poma: “Pero in fairness, nagkaintindihan kami ni Harvey kahit mali yung title!”

Back to regular programming tomorrow.


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

(a) Nice to know you had fun in the Ad Congress. Surely, there are more... interesting stories to be told.

(b) Marlon Rivera. That name brings me back. Is he still doing his makeup stints? Seeing Mr. Hotelboy in total abandon on stage would have been priceless!

(c) Leigh and Neil Gaiman. She should have done her cat impersonation. I would have looooved to see Neil's reaction to that.

joelmcvie said...

@MARCUS: [1] Yes there are. But they're too much insider stories re advertising, it's gonna be boring. =) [2] He's too busy these days to do much make-up but he still does, paminsan-minsan. Very selected. [3] She's sooo over her cat impression years ago, but if Neil asked her to play one of the cats in The Dreaming, she'd do it in a snap. =)

THE GRIPEN said...

Napansin ko lang look younger in this pic than your avatar...para ka lang 21 promise...nice car BTW