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Monday, November 05, 2007

Peek? Sure!

I am so going to hear from my former classmates who watch The McVie Show!

* * * * *

My sister was cleaning up several days ago when she unearthed two class pictures. Egad! Those are my class pictures.

This first one is during our first Holy Communion in Grade Two.

The next is our Grade Three class photo for our yearbook.

Ugh, I never did like my hair for the longest time. It was only in recent years did I make peace with my follicles, especially when I found out that while half of my batch mates have thinning hair, my only problem is the increasing number of white hair. But then it ceased to be a problem when people told me I looked more dignified. Ay sus.

Grade Three and I think I instinctively took on a beauty contestant’s quarter-turn pose. Hmmm. Strange then that I never had the Miss Universe “gay gene”—never memorized the names of the winners, never bothered to read about their Q&A, never liked watching those shows and rooting for contestants.

The guy in the middle will eventually put up Club Dredd, the historic bar where Eraserheads and other local bands first found fame.

Directly behind me is my friend who’s now a successful doctor in the U.S. To his right is a guy who, if I’m not mistaken, last I heard he kinda flipped and was institutionalized; to this day I’m not sure if that’s a true story or an urban legend.


cant_u_read said...

i wouldn't have recognized you if not for the beauty contestant's quarter turn pose. who else from these photos turned out to be gay?

aryo said...

Talaga naman. Grade 3 pa lang, aral na ang smile. :-)

joelmcvie said...

@RYE: Uhm, the jury's still out on a couple of them....

@ARYO: Hindi aral kundi awkward. For the longest time I was unsure of how to smile for the camera. I always felt it unnatural and fake, hahaha.

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

By friend, do you mean GNZO (scramble the letters, dear)?

joelmcvie said...

@MARCUS: This was grade school, dear. Gonz only entered that university in Katipunan during college. And he never entered the medical field. Anubah, my friend does not look like Gonz... ang layo, ha. :-)

Anonymous said...

Vintage photos with story to tell, ang ganda nag holy communion pix nyo ha, Saang private schl 2? :)

joelmcvie said...

@JOSH: Sa may Katipunan. :-)