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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beautiful Liar

This is the way to sell newspapers.

The headline story is about how the impeachment complaint against PGMA cannot be replaced, amended or supplemented. Place a huge Beyonce photo near it, with her story on the lower right of the photo. Then watch readers gasp then grab your paper off the shelf.

(I must admit though, natawa ako.)


Anonymous said...

Kalowka, my officemate started blurting out “To the left, to the left …” when she grabbed the paper ahead of everyone else thinking the headline was about Beyonce..hehe..


Mugen said...

Haha napalingon rin ako sa banner ng Philstar. Sponsor ba sila ng Beyonce Concert?

Grabe, naalala ko tuloy yung mga exercises namin sa journ about sa paggawa ng news banners. Hehe.

cant_u_read said...


yuriki.kun said...

what a bright way to make apathetic people read about news that really matter.

Nadriamez said...

i agree!

ang concert niya ay isang malaking GEB.

the nomad said...

also did a double-take when i saw the headline. first impression: it was about the beyonce experience so didn't grab it.