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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Consultation

This morning I had my first session with the nutritionist expert at the gym. (Yes, it’s a form of silent desperation.) Everything was going well; she had that calm, assured air about her that said, “I know what I’m talking about, so you should do what I tell you to do.” To wrap up our consultation session, I described to her the kind of work hours I keep. And that’s when she said, “You know, I’ve always wanted to be in advertising.”

Maybe it was the tone in her voice. Instead of brushing it aside as I always do, I asked her, “So what happened?”

“My parents wouldn’t let me,” she said. “So I ended up here.”

What happened next was a 20-minute consultation session with me dishing out advise to her. Because she’s just 21, I told her she can afford to reinvent herself. I painted a very broad view of advertising, gave her options and suggested next steps. I told her that she still has a fantasy view of the advertising world for now; the sooner she sees what it’s really like, the better.

She looked like a woman who suddenly had a weight lifted off her back. She thanked me, saying that she was inspired to do something with her passion. I told her that if the gym will blame me for losing a nutrition expert, I’d feign innocence.

What a way to start a Monday. (I should have charged her for career counseling.)



Ako rin, ako rin! I want to get into advertising.

joelmcvie said...

@MISTERHUBS: Sige, GO! Lord knows we welcome guys with sharp minds and even sharper wit. =)

Mark Xander said...

Hey buddy, hope you don't mind, I just tagged you. ;)

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cant_u_read said...

joel mcvie---

touching lives.

proud of ya! sa susunod, mag charge ka na. bigyan mo ko nang komisyon.

MRaunch said...

hahaha i'd love to see misterhubs' tongue dish out fire to AEs...or even clients hahaha

as we say in advertising:
"Go lang ng Go!"