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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smash You Like It

Before 2007 ended I accompanied Leigh and her family to Subic for a weekend get-away. It was also my chance to play the part of the good niñong to my godson Luc. We stayed at the Courtyard Inn. It’s actually a good choice of inn: strategically located in front of Gerry’s Grill, within walking distance from all the bars and restaurants along the Boardwalk, and just a block away from Freeport Duty Free. But what convinced Leigh to book us there was the come-on of free Wi-Fi in every room.

At the end of this corridor is a glass door that opens up to the parking lot at the side of the inn; my room is to the left, to the left. Perfect, I thought. Until I tried to open the door and found it permanently locked. Then I saw the sign:



palma tayona said...

unless you're a 250 lb. powerlifter, methinks that door has reinforced glass that an average person would find pretty hard to break. i see that being used in prisons where the idea is NOT to let prisoners out.

hmmm... wow.

BoobooStrider said...

haha it's funny but a lot of buildings have these kinds of 'emergency exits'. dapat report mo sa bureau of fire protection ata or building code office