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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Pawn Da Replay

Going to Subic one cannot miss this little town called Lubao in Pampanga. It forces you to pay attention to it because of the traffic; the narrow national highway becomes even narrower thanks to the very busy town center. Huge buses stop to let off their passengers, their sheer size blocking off half of the street. Delivery trucks, backing in and out of factories and stores on the side of the road, block the whole street causing pile-ups that stretch all the way to the next town. And worst of all are the tricycles; they all seem to have a top speed that’s just fast enough to overtake a pregnant woman walking. In heels. Who’s just about to give birth.

But I suspect the residents of Lubao recognize this, and as a concession to the travelers who would like nothing better than to bulldoze their town off the map, they decided to make the crawling through their place rather entertaining. How? Apparently, Lubao is the cosmic pawnshop center of the universe. (Phillip, whose family is into the pawnshop business, immediately noticed that when we went to Subic last year.) Passersby will be amazed and amused to discover that almost every other establishment at the busy town center is a pawnshop. One can just imagine the cutthroat competition amongst these pawnshops. So much so that they’ve started offering something extra for doing business with them: Libreng sabon sa bawat sangla mo! (Free soap every time you pawn something!) said one banner; Libreng noodles sa bawat sangla mo! (Free noodles every time you pawn something!) claimed another. Pretty someone will come up with pasa load as their promo offering. I wonder what other offerings will they come up with: eggs? Bags of lahar? Copies of Mark Lapid’s “Saging lang ang may puso!” movie?

Speaking of which, there is a dance mix of “Saging lang ang may puso” and it’s out now!

Check out the music video:

Now that shit is bananas!


Francis said...

Ah Santa Cruz, Lubao! you missed the jeepneys that unload passengers on the middle of the street?!

joelmcvie said...

FRANCIS: Hmmm... how curious! For some weird reason, no jeepneys registered in my brain during that time. Either the buses and tricycles have taken over their place, or it was a cosmic piece of luck that jeepneys were suddenly absent during that time. =)

Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

hmmm, nice gimik yun for pawnshops... my nanay wanted a pawnshop as business in the near future... maiapply nga yan...